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  • 28 Learning Modules.

    One module covering each posture and breathing exercise.

  • 5 Lessons Per Posture:

    The Benefits, The Dialogue, Breaking-it-Down, Tips/Tricks & FAQs

  • OVER 135 Video Lessons

    Go on a deep dive into each posture with world -renowned teachers.


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* Also known as The Bikram Method

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This changed my practice today! 

This is a wonderful addition to the material on pranayama breathing. I'm a student of 7 years and I am in love with this content already-- and it's only week 1!

Barbara Dugan

Course Student

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    The more in depth your understanding of the function and anatomy of each postures, the less chance you have to injure yourself while you  practice- which unfortunately happens far too often!

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    When your postures are performed correctly, with the right alignment for your body,  you will immediately feel the effects!

Hear what students are saying! 


03 Jun 2019

WORD. I gotta say, I hate half moon (the side bending) with the fire of a thousand burning suns, and this is the first explanation of it that I have ever heard that has me willing to rethink the movement and approach it with honest effort and an open mind. THANK YOU!


26 Feb 2019

I realize I have been doing this wrong. I have always dropped my elbows to the initial start position after the exhale. It was helpful to have the stance explained more thoroughly as well.



19 Jan 2019

The telescope reference gives me a better focus here.

 Each Posture has 5 Video Lessons

 Practical ~Usable Information You Will Take Into the Hot Room Each Time You Practice!


         Get familiar with all the amazing benefits of the postures. The more you know,  the more motivated you will be to keep up your consistent practice!


       This lesson has videos that offer excellent,  examples of the ideal expression of the postures.  The best part is that unlike in class, you are actually encouraged to watch and learn! 

  •    LESSON # 3 ~  BREAK IT DOWN

    Get step-by-step instructions on the posture in MUCH greater detail than you hear in the class. 


    This lesson will allow you  to understand the finer details of the postures, and gain in depth knowledge that, until now, only your teachers knew...!


    Have you ever heard an amazing little nugget of info from a teacher that just seemed to take your posture to the next level?

    ...That's what the Inside Scoop is all about!

    You will be amazed by the tips and tricks shared in the inside scoop, and you will want to start practicing with these in mind, right away!


    We cover the questions most frequently asked of our teacher experts and they also share the most common corrections and modifications that they give in each posture. This is a Great Resource! 


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We’ve collaborated with eight of the leading teachers, speakers, teacher-trainers, and world champions in the hot yoga industry to bring you the most in-depth, entertaining, and mind-blowing course on how to take your 26&2 yoga practice to the next level.


Jennifer Lee Boyle

Former owner of Bikram Yoga White Rock

Certified Instructor




  • 5 video lessons for each of the 26 postures, offering you a broad range of perspective and insight on all the asanas

  • An "Inside Scoop" lesson for each of your favourite postures, so you can get the absolute best tips our amazing teachers have to offer

  • Knowledge that you cannot find anywhere else, and that you'd have to travel all over the world to collect

  •                                Expert advice that would cost so much more, and take much more time to learn

  • A learning format that allows you to integrate all of this amazing information, so you're not overwhelmed, and so you have the time and space to practice what you it sticks!

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After watching Benjamin Sears's INSIDE SCOOP lesson on Pranayama , I realized what I had been doing wrong!

My practice has totally changed, finally after 6 years of practicing I now feel like I am really starting to rock this one!

Julia Benben

Student of 6 years


Please note : This course is about the study of the classical 26 Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises that when put together as this specific series, is known as “The Bikram Method ”

The teachers featured in this course are all certified by Mr. Bikram Choudhry; however, Yogauthority is in no way affiliated with or Bikram Choudhry.